The Halal Guys


How do you make foreign food familiar?

You tell its story.

What began as one NYC Hot Dog Cart for Muslim Taxi drivers has become a new QSR empire. The success of The Halal Guys proves that the American Dream is alive and well, it might just look a little different.

Out of home

Out of Home brand introductions, in cities like Atlanta, Houston, and Orlando, where The Halal Guys has just expanded.

More specific out of home follow ups, that allude to menu items, and The Halal Guys story.


In Store merch

Telling their success story doesn't just occur outside of the restaurant, but inside as well. Limited edition packaging will be sold at all locations to tell their American Dream Story.



logo redesign

From three guys with a dream to three guys with an international chain of restaurants 



A New York to New World playlist. Sing along and Enjoy!

Copywriter: Jonathan Friedman

Illustrator: Carol Ehreth