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Target makes well-designed furniture that’s trendy yet affordable, making it the perfect furniture to grow and live with. We created an Instagram for Target’s furniture collection along with the hashtags #TargetTroll and #TargetHome to call out other brands’ social media posts that look just a tad too perfect to be livable.



A brand new Target home Instagram account, needs a brand new logo.


Instagram is one of the first places young people go to find home inspiration. Since Target isn’t first in mind when it comes to furniture, we wanted to hit them where they were already looking, at other brands. #TargetTroll will troll competitors post to raise awareness about their own.

Our personal Instagram will feature classic Target-styled photos, but unlike other home brands who never show people living with their furniture, we will.


In order to make your abode even more comfy, we created Spotify playlists for background music you can enjoy while relaxing in your #TargetHome.

Copywriter: Cristy Sauceda


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