Pyramid Brewing

Pyramid Brewing

Craft Without Consequence

From nasty hangovers to harmful side effects, alcohol has always been associated with irresponsibility. Pyramid Brewing beverages offer a responsible way to enjoy a night out without sacrifice. Instead of touting a low-calorie count, Pyramid focuses on the essential ingredients necessary for a healthy mind and body.


Best in Show — Center Ring Student Show
Gold — Center Ring Student Show

The brews

Each of our brews take inspiration from beautiful landscapes created from natural disasters because we believe something great could come from a destructive night out. Tidal waves, volcanoes and mountains on our Pillar, Pheonix, and Apex bottles are represented by a neon distressed halftone image contrasted with a thin line work drawing.


Our debut brew, Phoenix, is a ginger and lime Berliner Weiss, inspired by raging volcanoes so that you drink like it’s the end of the world and still manage to rise from the ashes the next morning.


The microsite

Pyramid Brewing's website is primarily a place where consumers can purchase their favorite Pyramid brews as well as connect with the brand's philosophy and learn more about the exact science and unique craft.


Vending Machine

Pyramid Brewing's interactive vending machine will be placed at music festivals so people who are 21 and over can try one of our delicious beers. 



Check to see if we're on tap at a bar near you!


The brewery 

Or come visit us! We're open until midnight.


Identity Suite

The Pyramid identity uses high contrast colors and visuals with simple layout and typography to match the brand's opposing personalities.

Designer: Cindy Nguyen

Copywriters: Whitney Repole & Joey Spearman  



A playlist that is so wrong it's right. Enjoy a fusion of hip-hop and electronic beats that will keep you dancing all night long.