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Women have been holding in their number twos and going to extreme lengths to hide them from others for far too long.

Long story short, women have had enough.


To kick off this campaign, celebrity women will post pictures of themselves “doing the two” to encourage other women to do the same.


the bathroom experience

Ads will be placed in bathroom stalls to encourage women to #dothetwo.


Cottonelle Wipes will be provided in-stall. Once women finish doing the two, they can pick up stickers to symbolize that they pooped and they're proud. 



#dothetwo decals will be placed on the windows of partnered locations so that women know that Cottonelle Wipes are provided in the restrooms.


Gift Sets

A free Cottonelle gift set will be given to young ladies who live in

communal style college dorms. 



What's a movement without some merch? T-shirts will be sold at partnered locations as well as provided in gift sets. Promoted posts by Cottonelle will be placed on Instagram to buy online. 



A playlist curated to inspire carefree fun by incorporating a mix of latin, pop, and hip hop sounds.


Copywriter: John Dillon