American Heart Association

American Heart Association

We live in an age where anything and everything we desire is only a finger tap away. As technology continues to evolve, our activity level continues to dissolve and AHA wants to change that by challenging cities across America to Stride to Survive. This campaign gives AHA a fresh look to attract all audiences. Are you ready for it?

stride to survive Logo

Inspired by an EKG monitor to show that keeping it moving, keeps your heart healthy and pumping. 


To promote AHA's newest initiative, AHA will post to social media to get people intrigued with the incentive of winning a cool city grid "Strider" Activity Tracker for participants.


In the news

We know all generations don't get their news from social media, so we'll use the news and media outlets to promote as well.


Out of Home

Promotion for the people who are on the go.



March 18th is registration day and those who visit the link featured on the ads will get first dibs on the City Grid Activity Strider which counts footsteps and helps them top the leaderboard and win prizes. 


The Microsite

On the microsite, you will be able to register, track gear points, see events and contests, learn a new style of stride, and see who is topping the leaderboard. 



A motion sensor step counter will be placed in high foot traffic areas throughout the city to count the total steps.


live leaderboard


Bonus Perks


To keep participants motivated during this event, City Grid Gear will be unlockable based on the miles walked. In other words, the more you walk, the more gear you can redeem and unlock.

*Gear can be found on the microsite.



To recognize the top 3 Striders, a branded path will be painted throughout the city to highlight their favorite walking path.

Copywriter: Whitney Repole

Logo Designer: Carol Ehreth