Adidas has some of the most recognizable branding in the world and we want to use their stripes to carry the voices of the voiceless by sponsoring an annual global relay. The global relay is a relay-styled marathon throughout eight major Adidas cities where you can register to run, sponsor, or donate to raise money for one of the selected cities in need.


the campaign

Out of home advertisements will be placed throughout the major Adidas cities to raise awareness about The Global Relay. 



The #ourstripesyourvoice featured in the out of home ads will lead you to a social generator where you can upload a photo, type in how you feel about your city, or how you would like to see your city change for the better. Then share it to your social media following. Adidas sponsored celebrities will kick this off.


The microsite

Visitors can access the microsite by going to the Adidas website. Here you can select a city, see their initiative, and register to participate. 



From classic hip-hop to today's "woke" artist, you can hear it all here. 


Co-Art Director: Mikayla Belson

Copywriter: Jordan Moody